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We work with a small but mighty collaboration of professional interpreters and translators to put your clients' needs first and with professional polish and educated or native understanding of many of the most prevalent languages and cultures in our area. 




Latin Dance

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We are a professional language company strategically located within reach of sites in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.  And we are hometown proud to serve our local area and beyond with in-person or Zoom learning in ESL, Spanish, French, Korean, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Arabic. 

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Many of our students come to Target Language in search of adventure both at home and abroad.   We as interpreters, translators, and facilitators know how far our language has taken us.  Where will your language journey take you?

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Enter a Foreign Culture without Leaving Home

Latin dance has become, for many of us, our metaphor for life itself.  Finding your place on the dance floor is much like finding your place in the world.  While we once called the roles "male" and "female", we now prefer "lead" and "follow".  So that all are welcome, you have only to learn the basic steps and to find your place among us.
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C-Town Collaboration

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"As a young girl growing up in my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, I dreamed of visiting other countries and meeting new faces in foreign languages. That dream is a reality for me and for more and more of our clients every year." - Rachel

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Serve clients with sincerity and professionalism.
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First We learn; then we dance.

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